Background & History

Decision magazine was published continuously from 1996 to the end of 2019 as a quarterly print publication and has now been relaunched online at www.staging-decisionireland.kinsta.cloud. The title is owned and edited by business journalist Frank Dillon via his company Dillon Publications Ltd.

Since its inception, Decision’s mission has been to be a quality, editorially-driven publication, featuring interviews with business leaders and mostly longer-form management features in an attractively designed and accessible format, aiming to bridge a gap between academic and popular business journalism. It has also run related events for a number of years with Harvard Business Review and The MBA Association of Ireland.



The purpose of the Decision has always been defined as being an engaging and inspiring channel for business leadership in Ireland, creating original quality editorial content and curating and amplifying best management practice globally, with a strong local resonance.

This purpose remains crucial but there are other equally important missions that the publication now wishes to engage in. 

In its new form Decision is keen to reach out to a broader and more diverse audience. Ireland and the world are very different places now to where they were even a short number of years ago. A large number of people living and working in this country are not native Irish. A higher proportion of women are working in management positions, notwithstanding the fact that gender equality has a long way to go yet. There is a greater level of respect for people from the LGBTQ community but again, there remain issues to be addressed there. 

It is a core principle of Decision to reflect this new Ireland and to amplify the voices of those who are underrepresented and, in some cases, marginalised in our society. This will be done in the context and frame of business rather than politics. 

A publication has the advantage of clear and transparent metrics by which this mission can be measured. The under-represented will be among our writers and we will write about their businesses, their careers and their dreams and aspirations.

The agenda in respect of environmental sustainability is another issue of importance to Decision and we will showcase innovative thinking and models in respect of global and local practice in this area.

A further part of the mission of Decision is in respect of showcasing Ireland globally. Our country has much to be proud of in terms of its business and economic story. As a web-based publication we have the platform and means to amplify this to the world. We are a country that hosts, creates and grows world class businesses. Our role in the global economy belies our small size.  Decision will reflect this and in so doing will help to enhance the reputation of Ireland abroad.


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